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I'm always ready to fight it out over the problems with Mac's....I'll agree they are fine for many people. But to those that like *freedom* in computing, they are quite limiting/closed/expensive.

Mac's do have security flaws, they are simply not exploited. With such a puny amount of the pc market running mac's....what incentive is there for a hacker to write a virus or spyware/adware etc to run on or exploit a mac? The impact of spreading such an app would be ultra-small compared to trying to spread it on the windows platform.

If Mac's were 90% of the market (I shudder at the thought) then they'd be hacked and exploited all the time.

OS X Leopard was released too early and had several important security flaws that apple had to scramble to patch and the problem occurs on Macs too.

I don't care what type of PC a person chooses to own, I just prefer the windows/linux environment over mac.

To each his own I guess.
What does that have to do with the iPhone?
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