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Old 06-15-1999, 07:13 PM
Eric Hindson
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Im looking for help. PLEASE!
I have a 1985 190E (auto trans) which I purchased used. About 2 months into ownership, the car would periodically inexplicably and arbitrarily stop. All electrics would continue to work headlights, heater, radio, etc. There is no shudder as if fuel starved; it would just coast to a stop. I have found no common factor involved: It will quit while climbing hills, under power on level ground, or coasting to a stop at a light.. On occasion, it will fail to start after having been run for as little as 10 minutes or as much as 1 hour. After it quits and spending about 5 minutes of dodging traffic and wiggling wires under the hood (I have to look busy) the car will start. Cranking is strong (the battery has been replaced) and the distributor cap & rotor are new. Im at a loss and so is my mechanic.
Eric Hindson