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After reading the second link above, I think Allied Publishing SOLD the receivables to Burton and Associates, a collection agency, and they are doing all they can to collect it.

I am not in the legal industry, but have a relative that has been bugged for years by different companies trying to collect a debit they don't recall ever having.

According to these old debts can't be shown on one's credit report, but if the debtor ADMITS ownershio if the debt, or makes a payment towards it, it becomes new and the statute of limitations is reset allowing the claim to show.

If you didn't receive the subscription it would seem you don't owe for anything.

Clark, a consumer advocate, says to ask them for written proof that you owe something. Usually, they can't provide anything, and by law they have to leave you alone. There is also a sample drop dead letter on his web site that should make them leave you alone...
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