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As advised by you experts, I changed my plugs from platinum to copper. Although, I had to purchase cheaper Champions for temporary use as there are no copper Bosch plugs to be found near my remote Army post. (Will change to Bosch ASAP)

Anyway, I noticed the difference immediately. The hard turn-over problem, which I've had since the car (89 190E 2.6) was purchased, is gone. The hesitation and sluggishness is gone. I feel like doing back flips! I thought these problems would break my mutual funds.

Great advice. Thanx.

Now for oil... I'm changing it this w/e and need to know what kind and grade to use. I have a VW Shirocco 16V running on Mobil 1 10W30. Can I just buy 6 more qts. for the 190 or is another grade preferrable? As always, thanx.

NOTE: I still feel like my money card will be debited soon for all this great advice I'm getting!