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No more oil leak, so far

Today I picked up my 73 450sl, which I took in yesterday to have the right cylander head re-torqued, and then sealed with a high temperature sealant, to try to stop a small head gasket leak. I drove the car about 20 miles or so this afternoon, and, so far, everthing is very dry.

About 4 other mechanics had said to just leave it, as the leak was not a big deal, or do a valve job. I'm glad I found one willing to try the re-torque/sealant. Cost was $250.00, including new valve cover gasket. It's nice to find a mechanic willing to try to fix things rather than just replace everything. Most car repair now seems focused on just replacing things, which may be fine but for the cost.

Also, the local MB dealer also said it would be ok to try to re-torque the head to try to stop the leak, but they didn't mention a sealant.
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