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In my constant quest for learning and bringing this 560 back to the driven world I just couldn't let it rest for the evening (besides, everyone at the house is feeling bunky and hit the rack way early). I read through a number of OVP posts, with one asking about what was causing poor running after getting up to temp, OVP was the suggested remedy.

I went and checked my rather large box of extra parts, and sure enough I had a couple three OVP's in there . I found one with a build date of 1996, then pulled the OVP from the socket and compared the two. The one in the car "looked" old, had no build date and the flip top was mounted 180* out from the 1996 version. Thought what the hey, replaced the fuse and swapped them out. Then went for a 10 mile drive to get the engine as warm as I could. Got home and the hot idle miss was almost imperceptable, but still there.

Even felt like it was running smoother at speed. I'll admit, I have probably about 50 miles in this car now, not nearly enough to notice subtle improvements, but it sure felt better.

We'll see if the planned work for this weekend cures the last of the miss. Well, I better get ready for the rack myself, gotta go to work so I can continue to feed my habit.
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