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Few Minor Problems with 1978 280E


I just recently turned 16 and for my first car bought a pretty nice 1978 280E from a family friend. While the car is in great shape for its age and only has around 130k miles, the little things of course start to grate on you ;-) So, I have a few questions. Feedback on simple DIY repairs or general cost to get it done by a mechanic are very appreciated.

The exterior trim strips on the side are starting to come off in a few places. I'd like to get those back on nicely.

The odometer stopped around 125,000 miles, I know it's a common problem and read all about it in old threads. The speedometer works almost perfectly, just a bit liberal. Is it pretty difficult to fix the odometer myself, or how much to have a mechanic make it happen?

The front dome light doesn't work. Even the dial/switch to turn it on feels very loose and has no "click" to it.

The trunk could use a resealing.

The roof paint is dull and needs to be redone. Ballpark costs?

The interior plastic storage pockets on the front doors, on one side the pocket is cracked. What is the name of that part when I'm looking online for what to order?

I think that about does it. The vacuum could use a little work, too, but that sounds like quite a can of worms from what I've read. Even though my list seems pretty long, it's just little things that I can live with. Sorry for being so long winded and thanks for any advice on any area here!

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