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Steve or Mike: this is going to sound really stupid - but please remember - I work mainly on diesel. I will be doing my rails in my 88 560sel this spring. When the distributor is removed from the car - how do you know how to put it back in in the proper position? To clarify - if I lift the distributor out and I use a bolt or something on the intake manifold as a guide to visually see where, say #1 plug terminal on distributor is and mark this down, then when I put the distributor back in make sure the alignment of the terminal is about the same in relation to the bolt or whatever I eyeballed as a guide. Is this close enough for proper distributor alignment? I hope I am explaining this right. Again - this may sound stupid - how do I know if I put the distributor back in the right position. Injection pump timing and cam timing - no problem - this is new to me.
Thanks - and my apologies for not not knowing something which I have the feeling will be real easy once you know.
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