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Marty Newman
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300D injection pump interchangeability

I am replacing the motor in a 1983 300D euro model with one out of an american 1980 300D. I would like to use the injection pump from the euro model, but the method of pump oiliong is different. The 1983 receives oil through a hole in the pump shaft, and the 1980is oiled through a tube. The shop manual shows two intermediate shafts , types 2 and 3. Type 3 appears to be designed to oil the pump through the shaft. My question is, would the 1980 motor have an intermediate shaft which would provide oil to the pump if I used the 1983 pump? (i.e. would the '80 engine run either typ0e of pump? The engine numbers are as follows: '83 euro 617 912 10 168 465, '80 amer 617 912 12 106 160.

See shop manual 05.4-412/3

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