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The Wal-Mart brand synthetic oil ($2.97/qt) is made by Quaker State, according to Wal-Mart. I e-mailed their headquarters and that was the reply I got.

I bet that price will drop soon because Havoline is only $3.27/qt.

I forgot to mention that at the same Autozone, Exxon synthetic oil (5w-30 or 5W-50) both were $3.19/qt but that price has not changed for some time. It had been $3.19/qt for a long time.

I may not have made it clear. This is not a price comparison but a price drop of a particular synthetic oil.

Havoline synthetic was selling over $4/qt but it is now $3.27/qt. Had the Wal-Mart synthetic oil followed the same price drop (same %), then it would be around $2.40/qt. That will put it near the synthetic blend oils. Then the blend price will drop, then . . .

Let the oil war start.

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