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Great article, thank you!

It looks like someone has messed with the injection pump adjustment before, which explains why the maximum vacuum is 10" Hg instead of the recommended 15". The lack of bleed-off suggests a problem with the blue vacuum amp or its adjustment screw setting.

What the article did not mention was how the vacuum amp works internally, i.e. whether it has a rubber diaphragm or operates on some other principle. If it has a 15 year old rubber diaphragm, I will be wasting my time trying to adjust it. Once a few months ago I put a rubber cap on the TRA terminal and drove the car with vac gauge connected elsewhere, and a loud howling sound came out of the vacuum amp.

How is the vacuum regulated in the injection pump? Is there a diaphragm there too?

I'm curious as to where this "source tee" is (supposed to be) located.
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