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Airbag confusion on '86 300E

Greetings All,

I think I need an interpretor for the Mercedes manual concerning the steering wheel airbag removal. I really need to remove the steering wheel so I can replace the cruise lever on my wife's '86 300E but after reading the manual on the airbag removal, I am wondering what will get screwed up in the process. So if you can interpret this one item on the removal list for proper understanding I'd sure appreciate it.

Plug connection from detonator (R12/3) ..... Disconnect at gas generator.
NOTE Disconnecting this automatically activates a short-circuiting link in the plug connection of the gas generator.

So does my airbag become useless after removing it from the steering wheel to do maintenance on the cruise lever, or is this a round about way of telling me it's o.k. to remove the airbag assembly because it can't explode on me?

Any input would be appreciated as I'd like to get the new cruise lever installed tommorrow.


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