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10mm hex socket and a breaker bar. Probably going to need two people, one to run the wrench and one to hold the wheel very tightly. Do not use the column lock to hold the wheel while unbolting it as that could likely cause damage. Expect the bolt to be tight. Once the bolt is out the wheel should lift off the splined shaft easily with a little rocking.

Underneath the wheel you will find a plate with 3 small phillips head screws. Remove the screws and the plate will come away from the column, but you wont be able to remove it as it has a cable running into the dash (plugs in right near the combination switch and cruise). If your column is anything like the 126 column (I think they are shared), you will have to remove the outer covering of the column and the combination switch, just to get the cruise out as the cruise switch has a slip fit connection with the outer edge of the combo switch. The combo switch is held to the column flange with three phillips head machine screws as well. If your column has the electric adjustment, start working on the column with it fully extended, then when the screws are out of the combo switch, retract the column. Makes it very easy to remove.

You will probably also have to remove the under dash and knee bolster to access the connections inside the dash. A tight fit for average sized hands, even with the under side gutted.
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