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Originally Posted by JimF View Post
Check MENU#24 (bottom of page) and look at the Neutral Safety Switch . . . if it's bad, you'll get the same symptoms. Replaced mine ($65) and it's good to go!
Chip, please follow this advice. You paid a lot of $$ for parts and service you probably didn't need. (And Neutral safety switches only cost about $20.00.)

I have a dying NSW that fails in Park, but starts fine in Neutral on the first start of the day -- if the previous night's temperature dropped below 50 degrees. And if the temperature fell below about 40 degrees, ASR/limp-home mode is often triggered. (The NSW has deteriorated a lot since the first fault a few months ago; Back then, temps would have to be about 30 for the NSW to fail, and in the teens to trigger LHM.)

Before I move the car on a cold morning, I know whether limp-home mode will occur: If startup RPM stays at or above 1000, no issues. If it is below 1000, limp home is usually triggered. (I wonder whether the drop in RPM causes the ASR, or if the ASR causes the drop in RPM?)

When the engine warms up, normally after driving ~3 miles, retsarting resets everything and the car behaves normally. (Interestingly, even if the car sits all day in the cold, and does not start in Park later on, ASR/LHM is not triggered; That only occurs after sitting overnight -- perhaps because the gunk in the switch has had more time to work its voodoo.)

I need to do mine soon, or have it done for me since the cost appears to be negligible.
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