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Rejuvenate an old faithfull W124

I have recently been looking at trading my old faithfull 1989 260E (314,000Km or 190,000mi) for a newer W124 but finally decided to put some money on the older well-knowned car and bring it back to a younger state.
Valves guides/seals/head gasket/front engine cover oil leak issue will be dealt with next week, along with a new rad, full tune-up etc.
1) I need 4 new shock absorbers. I want to retain the original ride caracteristics, which I feel is an acceptable compromise between ride quality and handling. Which brand/make would you be recommending.
2) Cruise control: sometimes work, sometimes not. , there is always a very slight jerks when working. Where do I start the diagnostic?
3) Front headlights: Pitted, sand/blasted, yellowed. faded. looks awfull, poor lighting. Where can I find Bosch or Hella Euro type? Would headlights from the 1994-95 fit on the older W124?
4) Instrument cluster: All needles are discolored and have different shades of orange and yellow" Can those be replaced or painted? trip odometer has not been working for years. Any solution to this?
5) Speekers improvement. Without replacing the original radio,, what are the recommendation for replacing the original speakers for something decent. I am not looking at converting the car to a concert hall but would appreciate some improvements.
Any comment would be appreciated. Thanks
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