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Have you ever replaced the springs during those 190,000 miles? If not, they're probably sagging and need to be replaced as well. Go with Bilstein Comfort shocks,(no questions asked, if you want original ride/quality) and just plain ole OEM springs all the way around if you decide to replace those. (use lower spring bump pads if you like the lowered look)

As far as Euro's go I bought Hella brand (no significant difference in quality as compared to Bosch) except for the side markers that come with them. (I updated my side markers anyhow to '94/'95 clear with amber strip -- looks very nice).

Got the Euros from here: for about $425 shipped. There are many other threads dealing with Euros for the 124 and merchants that sell them. Do a search and you'll find a wealth of information.

Good luck with your upgrade work!


'91 300E, 208k miles
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