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Idle speed control regulator

Hi! All,

I bought a idle speed control regulator for my 85 380SE from the E-Bay. It's the one close to the fire wall of the car, part # 002 545 3332.

After I installed it, I drove the car about 300 feet and the engine died. After that I can never start the car again with this new part.

I ended with replacing the new part with my old idle speed control that used to be working.
Guess what, I couldn't start the car either in the beginning and it took me about 10 minutes to restart my car. By the way, my old idle speed control is having the problem of high idle speed.

Is this normal? I think the idle speed control is defective but I want to make sure this is the case before I try to contact the EBay seller.

Is there something such as computer that the car needs to ajust itself to the new idle speed regulator?

Thanks for your help.

85 380SE
Austin, TX
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