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Odd sized '76 240D brake pads

My '76 240D has recently started to pull to the left when I apply the brakes. I pulled the front brake pads. Although the pads are only about half worn, they are in contact with the anti-rattle flat spring that floats over the rotor and between the pads. The anti-rattle spring is preventing the pads to come into contact with the rotor. I bought some new pads from the local parts store, they are too big (height wise when installed). I've now been to two parts stores and looked at '77, '76, and '75 pads... they are all too big.

The car is nearing 400k miles. I'm thinking that these are not the original calipers and are the cause of my problem. But, before jumping to a conclusion, I thought I'd pass this by the experts. Thanks for taking the time to read this.
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