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CT diesel emission test

yes it's true! here in ct they actually test diesels along with gas engine cars. Any car 24yrs or newer. So, the sticker is expired and
today i go for the test. Finally after about 1/2 hour of idling in line it get's tested + Flunks!!!
So, i say to the attendent "no way this car could flunk , test it again!" They must have been in a good mood or couldn't believe the reading themselves either cause they agreed to do the test over and sure enuf,
she passed!

Moral of the story to all u guys in ct - if ya flunk try to get tested again rite there on the spot. I suspect maybe the equipment was bad. It is an opacity test and the first reading showed 68.0 and
the 2nd one showed 11.8 . Anything below 20.0 is a pass.

Anybody else out there in other states/countries have an emission test for diesels a/o experiences to share?
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