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Cool W126 trans leak(s) - DIY or not

All these posts/discussions have inspired me.

My 85 500 SEL has a few leaks and is not going to get better on it's own. I have been reluctant to DIY in the past because of time/space limits. Now I have a company car to use daily, and a larger garage to work in. My plan is:
1) Clean the underbody to pinpoint the leaks
2) Review the MB CD for direction and parts ID
3) Order what I need from FastLane
4) Get to work!:p

What I don't want is to
1) Spend $$ on a lot of "special tools"
2) Have to take apart several auxillary items to get at the probems, or mess with the internals.
3) Do any damage when I turn the key for the first time.

What I know to date:
1) There are at least two distinct leaks - one around the pan, and one forward.
2) The car shifts heavy in the lower gears, but fine in the other two.
3) At stop lights, it is sometimes reluctant to disengage into ?standby? When this occurs the car will lurch slightly, and then settle right down.
4) When I maintain proper trans. fluid the car is very appreciative and these symptoms all but go away.

Your input on what to look for/avoid, lessons learned by others, and tips on removing/keeping contaminants out of the work is greatly appreciated.

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