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Originally Posted by t walgamuth View Post
PLease explain your question #2.

Tom W
With Q#2, I have been told that the drive shaft place will want me to take a total length of the driveshaft needed. I found that the manual is 6.5" shorter than the auto...I wanted to know if that will work (extending the front side by 6.5") or if there is something I didn't think of, and need to measure what I need with the new trans in place.

Originally Posted by t walgamuth View Post
Lengthening the front part of the driveshaft is the correct proceedure.

Tom W
When you said that, I didn't know what you were speaking of. I wanted to make sure there wasn't something else I needed to do.

I am planning on sending the whole shaft to the place in San Antonio that RLeo sent his to. Funny story actually, there is a driveshaft place here in Shreveport, LA...but they refuse to work on anything European. They seem to think that it is going to cost me around $800 to get it done.
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