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Doug McCutchan
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Hi , I have the following problem

Cold start idle speed is initially about 500RPM (car nearly stalls).
It then increases gradually to about 1300RPM after 5 minutes.
It then stays too high for about the next 20 minutes when it will gradually slow down to about 600RPM.

The car used to run very rich for about 2-3 minutes after a cold start so I adjusted the arm in the Warm-Up Regulator to stop this.

The car has no O2 sensor (it is Australian).

I have the factory manuals and wonder if the problems I have above are due to the Warm-Up regulator ? I have checked the auxilary air valve and it seems to open and close correctly.

The Bosch authorised dealers in Sydney tell me that you cannot adjust the Warm-Up regulator (but I know that you can).

Any idea what I should do ?

Doug McCutchan
W126 1983 280SE