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Average Cost for Odometer Repair


I'm looking to get my odometer repaired on a W123 '78 280E. There is one local place that will actually do the repair itself, but the guy said it would likely be $200-$300. The other places said they'd ship it to various shops for repair and they'd just handle removal and reinstall. Their prices ranged from $85-$150. I don't have a trustworthy mechanic that I've been using for a while, this is my first car, so I'm wondering on a ballpark figure for what I should expect to pay and get quality work.

Also, I'm thinking of giving a shot at trying the repair myself before sending it in. Does the Haynes manual give good instructions for everything necessary to remove the instrument cluster so I can get at the gears for the odometer? Most of the guides online assume the ability to remove the cluster and get right at the gears.

Thanks in advance

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