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It has been a while and no one responded to your problem, so I thought I would take a shot.

If the plugs are sheared off, and the head is off the block and out of the car, I think I would try drilling them out at a good machine shop.

Buy a new plug and take some detailed measurements to find the minor diameter of the threads. That would be the diameter in the root of the thread. Then measure the other diameters, and sketch out a plan to drill and ream to the minor diameter, without cutting any head material out, including any of the bore the glow plug fits into. Once you get close to the minor diameter of the thread, you can usually peel the remnants out with a pointed tool.

Once you get the threaded part out, the rest should come out pretty easily. And you should be able to tell if the carbon deposits caused the problem to start with, or not. It sounds a little fishy to me though as the problem of not running and carbon deposits do not appear to have a similar time constant. One was abrupt the other is a slow build up. And the build up attacked a bunch of the glow plugs in the same time frame.

Good Luck, and rather than just give up and call the head junk, I would risk drilling the stuff out. The worst you can do is make it really junk.
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