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Blaupunkt simulator

I imagine others have run across this, but if you're interested in Blaupunkt head units, check out

This is an on line simulator for several of their head units, complete with streaming audio from German radio stations. The site is in German, but just select the radio model you're interested in from the list (click on the little picture of the radio). When the radio window comes up, just click on the German flag, and select the English flag, and the text description will switch to English. (You may need to move the "thummer" window to see the language flag.) You control the radio with your mouse from then on, including inserting the "key card" on several models. I've got broadband (cable modem) and suspect you really need it for this to work well.

This site was extremely helpful to me in my recent choice, as I was having problems finding a local Blaupunkt distributor. You can really get a great feel for the radio's features and operation.

I haven't run across a similar feature on their US site (

Way cool, check it out, and be sure to listen to some of the German radio stations!
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