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Unhappy Wanted tech advice?

I was asking for tech advice, I thought that is what this forum was for. I do not need a lecture on the merits of federal law enforcement and by the way, as long as the vehicle passes emissions it could have a Vespa scooter motor and no one would care. As an example; I have a '78 Targa which was originally a california car complete with air pump, restrictors and 2 cats. I built a 3.2 race motor, full flow non-cat exhaust, ect, etc. It passes emissions and is licenced even though it no longer has the cats or airpump.

It seems that the 190 head was the same head as the 300E and may or may not have had an airpump, this is most likely where the head came from. Now although there is not a fitting for the airpump between the exhaust mainfolds, there is a small freeze plug. One might suggest removing this plug and installing the fitting from Merc, reconnecting the air pump and solving the problem... I suppose it would be more fun to tell the client that I do not want thier money and can't repair the car and since I would have no work as a mechanic, I could play legal eagle with them and run about to the EPA, DOT and BBB all day like a little girl.

Let's face it, this is supposed to be a tech forum, a place where technicians and enthusiasts help one another solve MECHANICAL problems, I appreciate a word of concern or two but not so much as one actual tech response seems petty.
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