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I suspect that there may be the beginnings of a front end problem - and this problem in the early stages manifests itself with a slight wheel shimmy going down the highway!
You can confirm this by driving over a few potholes in the road
and you'll hear the familiar "thud / clunk". My antidotal experience
is that the right side tends to go first.
If this is the case you can count on Upper/Lower control arms,
lower ball joints, tie rods. You'll probably want to do the idler arm
and stabilizer rods as well. If you are a DIYer - you can probably get by for under $400.00 by just replacing the control arm mounting joints - and not the entire unit itself. At $400.00
you could probably put on front shocks as well.
With the proper tools (you can rent the spring compressor and have a machine shop install the ball joints) its not that bad a job.
Obviously - an alignment after this work is a must.
One further note - Timing chains are a regular maintenance issue with these models, and hardly classifies as a "death sentence". If you do purchase this vehicle - the timing chain is
something you would want to check regardless. That is of course unless the owner can privide receipts of recent service.
Good Luck!
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