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Somehow misunderstood?

In my post I wrote "It seems that the 190 head was the same head as the 300E and may or may not have had an airpump, this is most likely where the head came from" and by writing this I intended to make clear that I believe the head which is now on the vehicle, is in fact from a 190. I also mentioned the "freeze plug" blocking the port where an air pump would fit on the 300E. Having said this it seems to me that it would be possible to aquire the air pump pipe (part #116 MB Fische) and simply fit to the head and repair the problem as it was by MB.

I in no way intended to imply that I wanted to "circumvent the law", rather that the law requires that the vehicle passes emissions, which it does, and that the laws requires that professional mechanics no alter emission devices on customers vehicles. Now you are still allowed to do so on your own vehicle, as any owner is and as many do when installing performance exhausts.

My intent is to repair the problem in the most efficient and responsible manner, that said; The problem is that the head on the vehicle had no fitting fo an air pump, as I clearly stated, and that I wished to rectify the situation so that the customer was satisfied and the vehicle was as it was intended to be. All I was asking for was someone familiar with this model to perhaps avail me of their experience and knowelage and tell me how to fit an air pump to the head on the vehicle, which part I needed and how It would be best done in thier opinion based on personal experience. This is why I posted the query on a technical forum rather than the legal or moral forums.

Now that I have made the obvious even more obvious I would like to use this forum as a technical forum with the following query for technicians not lawyers, priests, politicians, carpenters, butchers, bakers or members of the San Diego ladies choir.

The head on the vehicle is, I believe, from a 190. Between the two exhaust manifolds (between the exhaust ports for #3 and #4 cylinders) is a small hole which is plugged by what can best be described as a freeze plug. The proper MB air pump to head pipe fits perfectly with this fitting however there is no threaded hole below it with which to attach the end of the pipe. (on the end of the MB pipe is a flange with a M8 hole just below the pipe itself, through which a 1.25M8 bolt must pass to secure the pipe and gasket to the head). Is it possible to simply drill and tap a hole at this location or do I run the risk of hitting an oil passage? Is anyopne familiar with this area of the head?

Thank you in advance for your technical reply(s).

Christopher Goodwin
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