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190E 16v High Idle, cannot rev over 2500rpm

Hi guys,
Its been a while sense my last posting, but my car has been running... decent.... nothing I couldn't handle (exhaust problems, a few fuel problems, spark plug wires...). But recently I have been running into some nastier problems and I am not really sure where to start looking.

The engine will now idle at a little over 2k rpm, obviously VERY high. The car will then begin to shutter as it looses and gains power over 2.5krpm. As you might imagine, it kind of takes the fun out of the 16v.

I am assuming this is just a very serious vacuum leak, how ever my poking around under the hood has yielded no obvious problems. I am unsure how the vacuum system is arranged, so I really just do not know where to begin with this search.

And before this it was giving me some very lackluster throttle response, at idle if I ever so slightly pressed the gas pedal the economy gauge would go to about half way and the RPM would drop.

Thanks for any help,
1985 190E 2.3-16v Euro
1980 300GD SWB
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