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Unhappy NOOOOOOOOOOOO! Blown Head Gasket?

I think I have a blown head gasket. I have a coolant leak at the rear of the engine block, passenger side PLUS the oil light comes on almost all the time now eventhough, the oil level is normal. I do not see any oil in the coolant reservoir but, the oil seems too "watery".
I checked the heater hose at the rear of the driver's side and it is dry. However, the heater hose was leaking about 2-3 weeks ago. It stopped after I changed a loose hose clamp.
I was planning to do a valve job ($1,500 quote) in the future but, the financial timing is not right.
1. Can it be something else? (I doubt)
2. How can I tell for sure since I can not really see where it is coming from? I am thinking about a dye...
3. I am not driving the car right now but, do I have to repair it right away? or can it wait for a while, not driving the car, without further damage to the engine?
'86 300E
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