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Phillip if ordering the strips, get the C class strips. Phil @ Partsshop can help you with them. They can be pressed on. you would need 16 strips to cover the rest of the grill. plus the original 6. so 22 in total.

Paint, get some good paint from a hobby store made for plastics and there are many colors to choose, I recommend the black. and use a clear coat that has the matte or semi gloss finish to help protect it. Geta good primer, and thoroughly clean the grill. Take your time, go slowly, and coat lightly and evenly with several good coats. The more coats of the black the better.

Then at least two coats of clear, and you will have a nice fairly durable surface. - Clear coat might make it look hazy, so test it first of course.

The key is to not put on too many coats that are thick and wet to prevent running. Follow paint directiongs properly.

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