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Originally Posted by Dionysius View Post

Low Pressure Fuel Supply Bleeding Procedure

1. Acquire a jar and place circa one inch of diesel fuel into it.

2. Disconnect the cigar hose from the fuel return line to the tank and seal with finger to prevent air ingress

3. Submerge the hose end into the fuel in the jar and release finger

4. Using hand primer and/or cranking continue until bubble-free flow is established

5. Reconnect the cigar hose to the return line keeping it finger sealed as before


a. The Injector Pump (IP) fuel supply line circuit should now be air free.

b. Confirm this by pumping the Primer Pump and listening for the characteristic check valve chatter chirp sound. A vibration at the check valve can also be felt when this sound occurs. If this checks OK then proceed. If not troubleshoot the cause.

I'm not grasping why the hoses need to be disconnected and placed in a jar. The only benefit of this extended procedure is to verify flow without air. The tank can just as well supply fuel and accept return just don't know how many times to operate the primer.
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