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Originally Posted by Brian Carlton View Post
I'm not grasping why the hoses need to be disconnected and placed in a jar. The only benefit of this extended procedure is to verify flow without air. The tank can just as well supply fuel and accept return just don't know how many times to operate the primer.
Brian Funola et al: Thank you for the feedback. This is a method I thought up because a novice (not you guys!!) is more likely to succeed if he/she can positively see air being removed and positively establish when that air removal is completed. It is a single hose clamp screw and very simple.

The contributors to this thread are not in need of this pedagogy however.

Translation: In other words if you know the f**k what you are doing do it your own way but I wrote this for the masses.

Can you see any improvement apart from this to the procedure??? I must have overlooked something. And did anybody find the mythical MB procedure??

P.S. I noticed that the 4-way terminology was used to describe the Union banjo.
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