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I knew of Steve's article but really never read it till just now. I don't suppose it will be much help to you.

You will need to remove the alternator and P/S pump and brakets from the front of the motor. Someone recently stated that one must remove the distributor, been a lone time since I personally have done one so I can't say. That part is so easy I wouldn't have remembered.

You will need some sort of pin puller. We use a home made slide hammer made from a very long diesel headbolt with a 6mm bolt welded to the end (this lasts about one engines worth of pins before another bolt must be welded. The slide is an old press fixture that looked sort of like a minature angel food cake form. The cup area was filled with melted wheel weights and a top welded to the piece to seal it up as a dougnut sort of. Many have used a 6mm bolt pulling through a spacer. This works up to a level of force that will take out about 75% of the pins and don't stand a chance with the rest.

Since you probably will not have the feeder tool you will need help and patience with roling in the chain. Use two visegrips to make sure the two ends of the chain never leave the right gear as it is rolled. Clamp strategically so that you can get the largest rotation before having to relocate the pliers.
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