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I didn't check tight the manifold bolts, yet, but I will get there (I couldn't detect air being pulled in from there)... I am going to replace all the vacuum lines in the engine compartment first. I did, however start ripping apart the throttle body... Have not found anything conclusive yet tho... I pulled the Fuel dissy off, and pulled the throttle body off. The butterfly valve is still on the plenum. Everything looks mostly in order/nothing obviously wrong.

I achieved a stunning 180 miles to a tank of gas (about 11mpg)... and the first have of the tank was in somewhat normal operation...

I don't know if any of this will solve the problem, but I am familiarizing myself with the CIS system and what I will have to do to install my VEMS EFI this summer.

Pictures to follow shortly.

1985 190E 2.3-16v Euro
1980 300GD SWB

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