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I put everything back together today, using silicon sealant to seal any sketchy rubber parts (I am putting a VEMS EFI in it this summer, so spending a lot of money on parts I am going to throw away in two months isn't worth it). I also found that I have the old version of the idle control valve and the old ones had a "by-pass" valve that would allow unfiltered air in if it needed it. This was deemed unnecessary later, so I sealed that off as well. I replaced most of the vacuum lines as well.

What do I have to show for it? Well, the high idle is now gone. It idles just fine now, but I still cannot get it over 2.5k. It is also running ungodly rich. Stepping on the gas peddle results in ALOT of black carbon coming out the back (does not smell or look like oil burn, but like I am running VERY rich).

Any ideas why I am running rich?

dbenz, thanks for the reply, this car actually had a major engine overhaul last summer (6k miles ago). The chain, guides, and tensioner were all replaced and an updated, ratcheting tensioner was used. There is no audible chain slap (I am very familiar with that noise... unfortunately). The head was also redone, valve guides and machined to spec, but we also had custom valve seats for the exhaust side machined and installed. They used a much harder material for the seats to prevent them from packing in the future. Intake side were machined back to stock spec so the valves would sit perfectly.

I may end up checking the valves, but because all the cylinders had the same build up on the spark plugs it would leave me to believe that they are all the same, and I doubt that they are all broken... although it is possible that the machine shop screwed up, I have checked the valves in the past and they did move substantially in the beginning, the last time I checked they had not moved at all (it was work hardening material on the valve seats, so that was expected).

I must ask, what exactly was wrong with your 16v? I really hope it wasn't anything you said...

1985 190E 2.3-16v Euro
1980 300GD SWB
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