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Originally Posted by GRIESL View Post
Just wasted ten minutes of my life reading this thread that I'll never get back, and I still don't understand the point of the thread. Seems to me we should all agree that anything in the lubricating oil is bad, no matter what it's own lubricating properties are. Kind of the same idea why we don't pack wheel bearings in Crisco. Possibly the only kind of segregation I support is between fuel and lubricating oil. Just my two cents. Shoot, just wasted another minute of my life writing this. Shoot, another ten seconds. Shoot, another second, ....... Arggghhhh!
Here, just a sec...

Note carefully that at least one of the items added was lubricating oil. Granted, used Rotella, but new Rotella isn't too much of a stretch. Didn't work so great but it did improve anti-wear characteristics.
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