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Originally Posted by Craig View Post
Kevin, could you explain where you are going with all this?

I think everyone understands that some residual liquid fuel will end up on the cylinder walls and some can find it's way into the crankcase and contaminate the oil.

As brian said above, I think everyone also understands that slight differences in the lubricity of the fuel will have a negligible impact on the overall internal engine friction.

So what is the point of this thread?
Well, one thing that should be clear is that when you are experimenting you need to be careful in your use of terms and about the effect that you are studying.

Brian did not say that lubricity additives will have a negligible effect. If you need me to recite the carefully controlled experiments that do show that at least one additive, LubriSilk, gave significant specific fuel consumption improvements, I can do so.

---- Digression --------
Another very esoteric thing that you can take home from this exercise is how psychological warfare is often conducted through disinformation campaigns. People remember bits and pieces of things that they read or hear and amalgamate them oftentimes into something quite novel -- but incorrect.

I am not saying that malintent is here, by any means, but the effect is clearly observable. Here we have misinformation rather than disinformation.

------- end of digression --------
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