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Originally Posted by kerry View Post
Exhaust gases in the coolant system, typically caused by a bad headgasket or cracked head. Not a good thing. Can't think why else there would be pressure after that length of time. There is a kit which tests for presence of exhaust products in the coolant.
Is it reasonable to assume that due to a definite lack of white smoke,no oil in coolant or vice versa(coolant in oil) , only seems to need a small bit of coolant after long highway drives, and does not overheat and has not overheated at all in the time that I have owned her; That I may have caught it before it has really blown?
Is it possible that my thermostat has gone bad and is not allowing coolant to properly pass it?Car runs happily at 75+mph,and does not overheat.On long uphills it sometimes gets a bit warmer but never above the 100 mark on gauge,and only when going fast.IE-really pushing it up the hill.
If I do have to fix my HG, I understand that there are a few special wrenches and/or bolts needed.Could someone Identify these by name or part number please.
1984 300D turbo 155k
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