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*problem solved*

After doing everything, really, everything (including checking my timing, and solder connections on the ECU and EZL boards) I decided to take a step back, and readdress the problem.

The problem: its running EXTREMELY rich.

so... is there a way of changing the mixture?

The way I always thought these things to work was that the lambda sensor would more or less set the fuel/air mixture. Then I remembered, I have a gray market car, it has a cat and passes emissions, but it does not have lambda! (1985 euro import, euro did not require lambda, so the dumbass who bought it didn't get the emission system, only to be very disappointed when it had to get federalized. I am shocked that it got through without lambda in CALIFORNIA...) So I did a little research, found this thread:

Setting up the EHA

Not having a DMM with a duty cycle, I just went at that little hex adjustment screw (behind the air box, infront of the fuel dissy) and turned it 3/4 turn (thats a HUGE amount for it, should be done in 1/16 increments) and checked out what happened.

Solved the problem.

Took it for a drive and it seemed a little lack luster, so I enriched it a little more and it seems ok. However, the current flowing to my EHA is incorrect, it should be between 15 and 30mA, but mine is at 10mA and adjusting the screw did nothing to effect this. Any ideas?

1985 190E 2.3-16v Euro
1980 300GD SWB
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