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so far,I have found.....

This afternoon I took the coolant system partially apart.Why you might ask...
After running car to temp(my gauge reads about 85-90C) and removing expansion tank cap I did not see any bubbles occurring at idle or while revving.Also, still no white smoke(and not much black either for that matter).heat in car works VERY well now and comes right up to temp at full smell of coolant either.back under hood,notice that top of rad is hot and bottom is not?squeeze upper and it sounds like splashing in an empty room,hollow!expansion tank is of thermostat is hot,but water pump isn't so hot(not cold).drain radiator and get about a pint more than a gallon and no more until I open thermostat.thermostat looks healthy(2 years old).tests ok.Starts to open at 80C and only gets wider as it gets hotter.working.water pump seems to work.How you might ask did i check.after removing radiator, fan and pulley,then the bypass(metal)line I hand spun water pump and water shot out the lower hole.I am not sure,but I think that is good.Also bypass line was not clogged.gonna flush rad and rest of system tomorrow and hope that I had a fluke problem and did not properly "burp" car after I changed thermostat.I know I am reaching,but I really HOPE it isnt a headgasket.anybody gotta motor they wanna sell......
1984 300D turbo 155k
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