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Noise from left rear on 300TE

Out of the blue yesterday the left rear (drivers side) of my wife's 88' 300TE started to making a loud squeak/creaking noise when going over any irregular road surface. This is only on the drivers side. The right side of the car is silent. I had the wife bounce the left rear corner while I checked the rear suspension, the noise/vibration seems to be coming from the rear spring. The self leveling function seems to be working fine. Hyd. fluid level is good. The ride of the car has not changed (not hash), the rear is level no sag. Did not see any leaks on the Hyd. shock.

We did receive about 4" of rain this weekend here in Charleston, could that effect it (grasping at any straw here)?

Any ideas would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

Ed C.
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