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Unhappy icey cold freezing something?

i live in south dakota (which i enjoy), but the last couple of weeks it has been 5 to -5 degrees and i drive to work about 30 miles on the interstate everyday. here is the problem: i set the cruise about 78-80 with the climate control on defrost and floor (bi-level). the incident has happened twice. when i get into town after the 30 mile trek, the car seems to shut down, as if something has frozen open or shut. i have to sit and wait about 10-15 minutes and then it will start. until then the car seems to be either starving for fuel or the choke is open. it will turn over, but nothing happens. i believe the alternator must be working because it starts and the fuel pump is ok because it starts. any ideas for preventative maintanence or repairs would be appreciated
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