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Other than the obvious engine displacement differences, I would assume yours is identical to my 95 500SL, so here goes.

The top operation uses some juice, so do this with the engine running.

There is a wire harness located by the top of the driver's side door jamb for the rear window defogger. This has to be disconnected first. The connector is on pretty snugly (at least on my car), and I have to gently pry the connector off with a flat tip screwdriver...don't yank it off by the harness or you will end up pulling them off of the connector!

The convertible top switch (red button on the shift console) also operates the hardtop removal and installation. Pull the toggle switch back and it should illuminate until the operation is complete. You will hear all four latches release (quite loud for the front ones!).

The top is now just resting on the latch slots, so you can remove the top easliy at this point.

This is a one-person operation if you have a MB top winch of some sort to raise the top off the car. Otherwise, you need an extra person to help you get it off...feel like it weighs only about 80 pounds, but because of its size, a bit cumbersome to cart around by yourself.

Install is the reverse of removal...push the red toggle switch forward for hard or soft top install.

Hope this helps...
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