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Originally Posted by Jeremy5848 View Post
Fail-Safe what is the risk? How often does this happen? Is the effort better directed to performing preventive maintenance such as changing oil cooler hoses, etc?
- just until the engine fires and the oil pressure builds up. For a diesel, having a buzzer sounding continuously during pre-glow will quickly get old, I think.
If there is anything I don't want in my circuit it is a field effect transistor ! LOL. You would then need something to protect it backwards mounted Zener diodes... etc... just more things to fail.... LOL

That is why I suggested the button to keep the noise off during that time...

I don't know what the ' field of study' is... lets call it ' ergonomic attention span for Mercedesapians. But any light is less effective for speed of grabbing attention to an serious mechanical fault than an auditory BUUUUUZZZZEEEERRRRR.... I suppose if being I always am... auditory is redundant in that sentence.
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