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Found timing rail in two pieces, lucky?

I am in the process of changing the timing rails on w126 500 V8 and started on the left side(driver's) of motor. Took out the outside rail and replaced it. When I removed the 2 pins on the inside rail only the top half came out, the other half is still in the motor. This was a running motor until I started to change the rails and chain as a preventative measure, since the chain had 9 dgrees stretch and the color was bad on the rails. I know I have to get the other half out and hope it is in one piece. Unfortunately, I don't have a second car to go and get a longer pair of visegrips. I can't unwire the chain for fear it will drop down off the lower gear and it is in the way. Any suggestions? Has anyone encountered this before on a running engine? I think I know which rail breaks now!
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