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Dan Moore
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Cool W124 300TE 4Matic


I have a 91 300TE 4Matic. Great car and drives well, however it is very sluggish through the rev range. 2nd gear drive off is so poor that we have to kick down to 1st to move off the mark.

We have had the car for 12 months, my wife uses the car and complains that it is like driving a wet sock around! The car is regularly serviced and the local MB Dealership advise that it is normal, and suggest buying an ML.

I note that the 4Matic light does not come on at the igntion stage. Is this normal. Does not appear to have blown any fuses.

1) Do any of the members drive a 4Matic and have they experianced a similer performance problem?

2) Has any one used a hot chip to increase the performance.

Please advise

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