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This is a surprisingly recent thread, assumed it would be years old!

From your first post I thought it sounded like EHA adjustment would fix it. I've been playing with mine and it can go so bad that the engine won't rev over a certain RPM.

Which way did you turn the EHA? I have heard clockwise is rich and that it's lean! My car had poor response which I'm solving with the EHA adjustment but knowing whether I'm leaning or richening would be a massive help!! Perhaps lean/rich aren't the terms to apply as it's the "control pressure" I believe it adjusts. by the way mate this may be v helpful to explain KE Jet.

By the way it's worth knowing that adjusting the EHA apparently seems to change the whole mixture too, which can then need correcting using the idle (tower) adjustment.

Man I wish I had some explanation of this!
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