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My 1988 190E 2.3 has had a problem for the last 3 months. Once a month it
would die when coming to a stop at a light or stop sign. It has become
progressively worse. Today alone while out house hunting it died 5 times. I
started watching the tachometer while I would come to a stop and each time
the tach would drop down around 400 RPM and then bounce back up to around
600 RPM. Then I saw what was going on. I went to stop and watched the tach.
it started dropping as I stopped but instead of bouncing back up after it
drops to 400 it just died. It always starts right back up and runs fine. I
have been told this is the idle valve. I wanted to make sure the symptoms
fit the part failure. The idle valve is not cheap. Has anyone else had a
similar experience? PLEASE HELP!

-Chris Prestridge
1988 190E 2.3