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Congrats. Well done. I also thought I needed new valve seals.
My 260E is going through this surgery right now (That what I thought)
The shop called me this afternoon. After checking the car, the valve guide were found to be very bad. So.... head off. Complete valve job.
While there, the crankshaft showed quite a bit of wear on two lobes. Need a new cramshaft. The two lifters on those two lobes are also worn badly.
The timing belt tentionner (hydraulic) is at it's limit: Need a new timing chain.
Also found a small leak at the bottom of the radiator.... might as well fix that too. And the rad. hoses are in bad shape.....
Distributor cap and rotor are also in poor condition, why not, change it too.
The plug wires have too much resistance..... replace them.
Might as well put new spark plugs while you,re there.
I just hope this guy won't call me back tomorrow for more.
I'm in for about $2,800.00 so far. As a consolation, the guy is very professionnal, he has been working on Benz for 25 years and he knows his stuff.
Maybe I should have called you.......
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